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Course Highlights

  • Learn scripting basics and then cover how ActionScript works and how to include it in your applications.
  • Broaden your Flash skill set with Intermediate and Advanced features of Flash 8 ActionScripting.
  • Create dynamic 2D animations and take video to the next level.
  • Create interactive websites with more compelling features available to you.
  • Make changes to movie clips and more as you explore the script properties.
  • Endow your images with interactivity to inspire, communicate and surprise those that touch your work.

About This Course

This Flash 8 ActionScript 2.0 Training Course provides design professionals who are already familiar with basic Flash concepts (such as symbols, instances and key frames) and want to add a new level of interactivity to their design work with an introduction to the Flash 8 ActionScript programming environment.

Throughout this course, your instructor, Dave Bricker, will cover set-up, movie clips and basic object oriented programming (OOP) syntax, variables, animation, dynamic text fields, functions, audio basics, and much more. You�ll learn the basics of ActionScripting from a designer's point of view and how to use it more creatively when working with Flash 8.

There are 75 lessons in this Flash 8 ActionScript 2.0 course – all designed to this course to help artists and designers produce visual results and enhanced interactivity using Flash 8 ActionScript.

Course Outline

Level 1: Introduction
1.0 Introduction to Flash 8 ActionScripting 2.0
Level 2: Setup and Review
2.1 A Short Review of Flash Concepts and Elements
2.2 The Importance of Naming Objects
2.3 The Pivot Point and its Importance
2.4 The Scripting Window � Options, Expert Mode vs. Normal Mode/Script Assist
2.5 Attaching Scripts to Frames or Objects
2.6 Bricker�s Rules of Timeline Flash (debugging)
2.7 “Paths and Communicating Between Timelines A Toggle Button � Button Actions, Frame Actions and Talking Between Timelines”
2.8 The Trace Command and the Output Window
Level 3: Movie Clips and Basic OOP Syntax
3.1 Clips Within Clips : Inheritance and Dot Notation
3.2 Properties and Methods: a Fictitious Guitar Class
3.3 Movie Clip Properties: Example Scripts that Change the Properties of a Clip
3.4 Movie Clip Methods: Example Scripts
3.5 Events: Fictitious Guitar Class (e.g. onDownBeat, onSongFinish, etc.)
3.6 Events: Attaching an Event to a Button or Movie Clip
3.7 Really Useful Artist Tip: Scripting Buttons from Main Timeline
3.8 Projec: A Bounce Clip Inside a Roll Clip with Stop/Play Buttons for Each
3.9 Basic Drag and Drop Behaviors: StartDrag and StopDrag
3.10 Flash Help File: Understanding How They�re Organized
Level 4: Variables
4.1 Using Var Keyword: Demo with Stored Coordinates
4.2 Calculating with Variables
4.3 Movie Clip and Boolean Variables
4.4 Strings and Operators
4.5 Variable Scope
Level 5: Animating with Actionscript
5.1 OnEnterFrame Events � Review of Framerate Concept – Animate a Movie Clip
5.2 OnMouseMove Events � Making a Custom Cursor (Mouse and Stage Properties)
5.3 Making a Slider that Controls Opacity
Level 6: Dynamic Textfields and the Math object
6.1 Setting up Sizes, Fonts, etc. in Dynamic Text Fields
6.2 Simple Project: Display Mouse Coordinates in a Text Field
6.3 Introduce Math Object and Input Text � Math.round(), Math.abs, etc.
Level 7: Conditionals
7.1 Setting up Conditionals and Using Conditional Operators
Level 8: Project I
8.1 Setup the Pieces and Basic Logic
8.2 Display the Ballï's Coordinates in Text Fields/Detect the Edges
Level 9: Functions
9.1 What is a Function: Managers vs. Workers Example, A Function does 1 Task. Function Syntax, Arguments, Returns, Rewire Section 8 Project
9.2 Project: Create a Preloader Bar Clip (Flash MX Style) Without Functions
9.3 Project: Create a Preloader Bar Clip (Flash MX Style) Using Functions
Level 10: Easing Concepts
10.1 Project � Drag the Ball. It Eases Back to Original Location
10.2 Undocumented Tweening and Easing Classes in Flash
Level 11: Audio Basics
11.1 Library Linkages and Imported Sounds � Creating a Sound Object and Using Start and Stop Actions
11.2 Load and Stream an External MP3 Sound
11.3 Create Controls that Interact with the Attached Sound
Level 12: Advanced Movie Clip Capabilities
12.1 The Color Object and SetRGB
12.2 The Color Object and Color Transforms
12.3 Flash 8 New Features :Blend Modes
12.4 Flash 8 New Features : Drop Shadows, Blurs and Bevels
Level 13: Random Numbers
13.1 Using Math.random()
13.2 Using Randomnumbers to Control Movie Clip Behaviors
Level 14: Using external and linked files
14.1 Understanding Depths
14.2 Understanding Levels: loadMovieNum( )
14.3 AttachMovie( )
14.4 DuplicateMovie( )
14.5 LoadMovie( )
14.6 Advanced Tutorial � the MovieClipLoader Class � Including Listeners
Level 15: Arrays and For Loops
15.1 Indexed Arrays and For Loops: Populate a Button Bank with Labels
15.2 Associative Arrays: Have the Buttons Look up Values by Button Name
15.3 Using a Loop to Find an Index in an Array
15.4 Multidimensional Arrays: Project : Build a Simple Thumbnail Gallery Script that Loads Outside Content
Level 16: It's About Time
16.1 SetInterval/ClearInterval: Analog Timer
16.2 The Date Object : Making a Digital Clock Movie Clip
16.3 SmartClips: Clock and Calendar Clips
Level 17: Strings and Things
17.1 Methods of the String Class : toUpperCase, toLowerCase, Length Property
17.2 Methods of the String Class : charAt( ), indexOf, lastIndexOf( )
17.3 Methods of the String Class: split( )
17.4 Methods of the String Class: substr( ), substring( )
Level 18: Using Dynamic Data and Components
18.1 Dynamic HTML Text with LoadVars OnLoad( )
18.2 Dynamic HTML Text with LoadVars OnData( )
18.3 Dynamic HTML Text with UltimateScrollerLite
18.4 Dynamic HTML Text with UltimateScroller Full Version
Level 19: Cool and Useful Stuff
19.1 Fireworks and Flash
19.2 HowTo: Endless Scrollers
19.3 HowTo: Immersive Panoramas
19.4 HowTo: Simulate Real Download Speed
19.5 HowTo: Detect Flash and Publish your Work Online (SWFObject)
19.6 HowTo: Smart Cursors that React to Content
Level 20: Conclusion and Resources
20.1 Conclusion and Resources


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