Fact. Recent studies have shown that certified employees in the computer industry are earning salaries averaging 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

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Welcome to the NCSA online support center. The goal of our support program is to provide you, the customer, with quick, quality support when you need it. We have provided the answers to several common questions in the FAQ section below. If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ you should use our online support ticket. Click the button below to fill out a customer support ticket. You should receive an answer to your problem by email within 24 hours.


How can I take my free certification exam?
I have already taken one exam can I take another one?
Where do I log into my account?
How long do I have to wait to retake an NCSA exam?
I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?
I passed my certification exam, now what?
How do I order a replacement certificate?
I don't have a credit card, how can I pay for my certificate?
Can I pay for my certificate by phone?
How long will it take to receive my certificate?
How do I setup my NCSA Transcript and Profile?
How do I enable cookies to work with your exams?
What is a card code and where can I find it?
What is a Master certification?
How do I clear my browser's cache?
How do I delete my passwords from Internet Explorer?
What is Adaptive Testing?
How can I update my certificate if I get a higher score?
After purchasing premium exam access, what happens if I don't pass on my first attempt?


How does the NCSA membership work?
I'm not a US resident, will I be able to become a member?
Will my NCSA premium membership renew automatically?
I've already ordered a premier certification, can I get a discount on my membership?

Employee Testing

How do I check the validity of an NCSA certificate?
An NCSA certificate is equivalent to what level of experience?
How do I sign up for employee testing?
How do I use exam PINs?
How do I access my custom testing portal?
Where do I log in to my administrator control panel?

Educational Testing

Where can I sign up?
How many tests are we allowed to give?
How do I log in to my administrator control panel?
Will I be able to create custom exams?
What types of questions are available for custom exams?

Testing Services

Who is eligible for NCSA Testing Services?
Can my testing center become a partner?


What is an affiliate?
What information do I need before I send a visitor to you?
How do I log into my account?
I clicked on my link but it did not register a visit?
Can I use my linking code in an email?
Can I buy a certification under my own affiliate code?
Do you have banners / buttons I can use on my site?
How often do I get paid?
What about repeat customers?

OnDemand Training

Do you offer site licenses for your training courses?
Where can I order OnDemand Training?
I need to cancel my OnDemand Training service?
Where do I login to access my OnDemand Training?

Other Programs

What are the NCSA tag libraries?
How do I submit a job listing to your site?
Can you create custom training courses?
What about custom certification tests?


Where can I get my certified typing speed?