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Course Highlights

  • Take full advantage of the data collection, formatting and presentation features of Crystal Reports XI.
  • Understand how Crystal Reports XI connects to one or multiple databases to collect report data by learning which inputs are accepted.
  • Filter, sort, group and summarize data on your reports.
  • Learn how to use formulas to conditionally format a field or create a computed value on a report based on data obtained from other report fields.
  • Create cross-tab and summary reports as well as dynamic reports that use parameter fields to determine the report results.
  • Understand methods for sharing your report data through the Web using Active X and/or Java plug ins.

About This Course

This Crystal Reports XI Essentials Training Course provides report-writing professionals with in-depth instruction on using Crystal Reports to extract just the data you need from larger databases. The course topics appeal to all Crystal Reports XI users – beginner through advanced.

You will learn everything you need to know to fully utilize the Crystals reports features, both new and old, that make report writing tasks easier than ever. For instance, you’ll learn how to connect to virtually any data source and implement custom coding report functions. You’ll also learn how to design professional-looking, interactive reports using features like the visual report designer and dynamic parameter prompts.

In this course, your instructor, David Smith, will teach the subject-matter utilizing a combination of quick tips and detailed instruction on using Crystal Reports XI. You’ll be able to make it easy for your end users to view and work with their reports by customizing them to match their needs and more.

There are over 150 lessons across 7 levels in this course – all designed to help you increase your productivity and build meaningful reports with Crystal Reports XI.

Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 1

1.0 The Basics
1.1 Launching Crystal Reports
1.2 The Application Window
1.3 Start Page
1.4 Workbench
1.5 Setting Options
1.6 Exploring Sample Reports
1.7 Report Explorer
1.8 Design Mode
1.9 Preview Mode
1.10 Field Explorer
2.0 Creating a Simple Report
2.1 The Standard Report Creation Wizard
2.2 Designing a Report from Scratch
2.3 Inserting Fields
2.4 Browsing Field Data
2.5 Moving & Sizing Report Objects
2.6 Placing Text Objects on the Report
3.0 Managing Reports 3.1 Saving a Report
3.2 Closing a Report
3.3 Modifying a Report Description
3.4 Opening an Existing Report
3.5 Switching Between Open Reports
4.0 Getting Help
4.1 On-line Help & Searching for a Help Topic
4.2 Context-Sensitive Help
4.3 Printing a Help Topic
4.4 Business Objects Web Resources
5.0 Selecting Records
5.1 The Select Expert
5.2 Using Saved versus Refreshed Data
5.3 Expert Options
5.4 Criteria Based on More than One Field
5.5 Removing a Report Selection
6.0 Sorting, Grouping, & Summarizing
6.1 Sorting Records
6.2 Grouping Records
6.3 Working with Group Trees
6.4 Deleting & Changing Groups
6.5 Inserting Summary Calculation
6.6 Defining Other Summary Calculations
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 2
1.0 Reports Based on More than One Table
1.1 Using the Create Report Expert
1.2 Modifying a Report Created with the Expert
1.3 Building a Multi-table Report without the Expert
2.0 Enhancing Your Report with Formatting
2.1 Changing the Font of a Text or Field Object
2.2 Adding Borders & Drop Shadows
2.3 Formatting Numeric Data
2.4 Changing Object Alignment
3.0 Utilizing Conditional Formatting
3.1 Absolute Formatting
3.2 Conditional Formatting
3.3 The Highlighting Expert
3.4 Modifying & Deleting a Conditional Format
4.0 Creating Formulas with Crystal Syntax
4.1 The Formula Editor & Inserting Formulas
4.2 Changing Numbers to Words
4.3 String Manipulation and Formatting
4.4 Date Calculations
4.5 Creating Summary Calculations & Totaling By Group
4.6 If-Then-Else Formulas
5.0 Creating Formulas with Basic Syntax
5.1 Creating Formulas & Entering Code
5.2 Adding Comments
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 3
1.0 Parameter Fields
1.1 Creating Parameters Fields
1.2 Working with Multiple Parameter Fields
1.3 Adding a Parameter Field to a Printed Report
1.4 Deleting Parameters
2.0 Formatting Report Sections
2.1 Changing the Size of a Section
2.2 Sizing a Section Automatically
2.3 Inserting & Deleting Lines
2.4 Using the Section Expert
3.0 Advanced Grouping Techniques
3.1 Grouping & Sort Direction & Custom Groups
3.2 Sorting within a Group
3.3 Grouping on Intervals
4.0 Finishing Touches
4.1 Special Fields
4.2 Special Text Object Features
4.3 Working with Lines & Boxes
4.4 Adding Pictures to Your Report
5.0 Including Cross-Tabulations in Your Reports
5.1 Using the Cross-Tab Report Wizard
5.2 Using the Cross-Tab Report Expert
5.3 Modifying the Data in a Cross-Tab Report
5.4 Formatting a Cross-Tab Report
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 4
1.0 Summary Reports
1.1 Building a Summary Report
1.2 Allowing or Disallowing Drill-downs
1.3 Running Totals Reports
1.4 Creating Running Totals Overall
1.5 Creating Running Totals for a Group
1.6 Creating Conditional Running Totals
1.7 Creating Running Totals with a One-to-Many Relationship
1.8 Creating Running Totals with the Formula Editor
2.0 Top N
2.1 Creating a Report with Nth Largest Values
2.2 Creating a Report with Nth Smallest Values
3.0 Working with Sub-Reports
3.1 Creating an Unlinked-Sub Report
3.2 Creating a Linked Sub-Report
3.3 On-demand Sub-Reports
4.0 Advanced Record & Group Selection
4.1 Setting up Group Selection
4.2 Creating a Record or Group Selection Formula
5.0 The Mailing Labels Report Creation Wizard
5.1 Creating Mailing Labels
5.2 Modifying the Attributes of Mailing Labels
6.0 Form Letters
6.1 Creating a Form Letter
6.2 Modifying Attributes of a Form Letter
6.3 Customizing a Form Letter for Different Recipients
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 5
1.0 Working with Data
1.1 Databases Overview
1.2 The Database Expert
1.3 Set Datasource Location
1.4 Aliases
1.5 Indexes
1.6 Relationships
1.7 Server-side Processing
1.8 Working with Different Types of Data
1.9 Advanced Database Features
2.0 Creating Data Connections
2.1 Using an Access/Excel (DAO) Datasource
2.2 Using an ODBC (RDO) Datasource
2.3 Using an OLEDB (ADO) Datasource
3.0 SQL
3.1 SQL & SQL Databases
3.2 What is SQL?
4.0 Using SQL in Crystal Reports
4.1 The Crystal SQL Expression Editor
4.2 Creating a Report from a SQL Query/Command
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 6
1.0 Advanced Formula Techniques
1.1 Using a Variable
1.2 Assigning a Value to a Variable
1.3 Using Arrays in Formulas
1.4 Using Ranges in Formulas
1.5 Debugging Formulas
2.0 Charting Your Report Data
2.1 Using Automated Charting
2.2 Creating a Group Chart
2.3 Creating a Detail Formula Chart
2.4 Creating a Cross-tab Chart
2.5 Creating a Gauge Chart
2.6 Creating a Gantt Chart
2.7 Creating a Funnel Chart
2.8 Modifying Chart Options
2.9 Drilling Down on a Graph
2.10 Re-entering the Chart Expert
2.11 Using a Graph Template
3.0 Mapping
3.1 Using the Map Expert
3.2 Mapping on Grouped Fields
3.3 Modifying Map Attributes
3.4 Mapping on Detail Fields
3.5 Mapping on Cross-tab Summaries
Level Review
Crystal Reports XI Essentials: Level 7
1.0 OLE
1.1 OLE Introduced
1.2 Adding OLE Objects to a Report
1.3 Working with Static OLE Objects
1.4 Embedded vs. Linked Objects
2.0 External Data Sources
2.1 Web/IIS logs
2.2 The File System
2.3 NT Event Log
2.4 Outlook
2.5 XML
3.0 Distributing Reports
3.1 Exporting a Report
3.2 PDF Exporting
3.3 RTF Exporting
3.4 XML Exporting
3.5 Saving Export Settings
3.6 Mailing a Report
4.0 Distributing Reports Over the Web
4.1 Saving a Report as HTML
4.2 Working with Web Folders
4.3 Building Active Web Sites
5.0 Development Usage/Integration
5.1 The Crystal Report Designer Component (RDC)
5.2 Embeddable ActiveX Viewer
5.3 Embeddable Java Plugin Viewer
Level Review
Course Review


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