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Introduction to JavaScript
Using JavaScript on your Webpage
A Simple JavaScript Application
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Loops & Conditionals
Document Object Model
Functions & Methods
Built-in Functions
User Defined Functions
Forms & Events
Image Maps
Timing Events

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Introduction To JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language that you can use on your web pages to make them look more dynamic. JavaScript is a lightweight, cross-platform, loosely typed, multi-use programming language that allows HTML designers to add interactivity to HTML pages. Before you learn to use JavaScript, you must have some HTML programming experience. HTML generally produces static web pages, while JavaScript is used to provide dynamic features generally expected of modern websites. JavaScript has the advantage of being a scripting language available in almost all modern browsers.


JavaScript allows you to have more control to your web pages and add dynamic features to your web pages. For example, you can change text, change colors, add drop-down lists add clocks and timers, animate page elements, validate form input and track a user browsing your site. It can also be used to add certain basic tasks such as: redirecting the user to another page, storing information about the user or displaying dynamic menus.


The object oriented JavaScript is a client-side language. This means that the client-side objects are created when the browser is loaded and the application does not have to contact the server and wait for the server’s response. JavaScript makes the client side operations such as data input validations really fast. Besides, JavaScript can react to user events such as mouse click events and page pointing events.


JavaScript is a purely object oriented scripting language that is very popular. It should not be confused with Java programming language. Both are quite different in their basic concepts and designs. The developers of both the languages are also different. Java is developed by Sun Microsystems and is much more powerful and complex language whereas, JavaScript is developed and maintained by (European Computer Manufacturers Association (ECMA) and isn't really tough to learn and use. JavaScript is standardized by Netscape. Another version of JavaScript, implemented by Microsoft is called Jscript.


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