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This complete training course for the WordPerfect 9 includes 6 VHS tapes and contains over 11 hours of professional quality instructor led training. Multimedia content allows you to quickly learn key concepts and the VHS format lets you quickly pause and review important areas. A detailed outline of the course as well as a short introduction to the trainer are included below.

   WordPerfect 9 set of 6 (VHS) $239.95
   Shipping (US only)

About The Trainer:

Susan Holmes owns and operates Software Speaks, Inc., a software training and consulting firm based in Colorado. Susan also specializes in teaching Lotus Ami Pro 3.0. She has helped thousands of customers get the most from their software-Hewlett Packard and Mobile Oil are a few of her many clients. Her Personal insight will help you more than you can imagine.

 WordPerfect Beginning (2 Hrs. 6 Min.)

  Getting Started in WordPerfect (22 Min.)

  • Introduction to WordPerfect
  • Dialog Boxes
  • Quick Menus
  Creating Documents (17 Min.)

  • Entering Text into a New Document
  • Saving a New Document
  • Saving a Document with a Different Name
  • Close and Create a New Document
  • Insert a Date
  Editing Documents (35 Min.)

  • Opening an Existing Document
  • Previewing Documents
  • Moving Through a Documents
  • Selecting Text
  • Deleting and Replacing Text
  • Toolbar Buttons
  • Using Convert Case
  Moving and Copying Blocks of Text (11 Min.)

  • Moving a Block of Text
  • Copying a Block of Text
  • Appending to the Clipboard
  Enhancing Text (17 Min.)

  • Changing Fonts and Point Sizes
  • Changing Character Attributes
  • Using QuickFonts
  • Using QuickFormat
  • Using QuickFonts before Typing
  • Using the Highlight Feature
  Additional Ways to Enhance Text (23 Min.)

  • Setting Margins
  • Changing Text Alignment
  • Using the Shadow Cursor
  • Using the Undo/Redo Feature
  • Using the Reveal Codes Mode

 WordPerfect Intermediate (1 Hr. 51 Min.)

  Printing Documents (12 Min.)

  • Print Preview Zoom
  • Selecting a Printer
  • Printing a Document
  • Enhancing Multiple Page Printing
  Getting Help (16 Min.)

  • Ask the Perfect Expert
  • Using the Help Index Feature
  • Using the Help Find Feature
  • Printing Help
  • Getting Help with Specific Tasks
  • Using Corel Perfect Expert
  Customizing the WordPerfect Workplace (26 Min.)

  • General Preferences
  • Toolbar Preferences
  • Property Bar Preferences
  • Changing the Display of Non-printing Characters
  Proofing a Document (14 Min.)

  • Spell-As-You-Go
  • Checking the Spelling of a Document
  • Using the Grammar Checker
  • Using Prompt-As-you-Go
  Working with Multiple Documents (8 Min.)

  • Opening and Displaying Multiple Documents
  • Manipulating Multiple Document Windows
  • Moving and Copying Text From One Document to Another
  • Moving and Copying with the Application Bar
  • Inserting Files into Documents
  Enhancing Documents (21 Min.)

  • Creating Numbered and Bulleted Lists
  • Creating Quick Borders
  • Inserting Page Breaks
  • Adding Page Numbering
  • Changing Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Creating Headers and Footers
  • Using the Make it Fit and Block Make it Fit Features
  QuickCorrect and More (13 Min.)

  • Using QuickCorrect
  • Adding QuickCorrect Entries
  • Adding SpeedLinks
  • Using SmartQuotes
  • Deleting QuickCorrect Entries

 WordPerfect 9 Advanced (2 Hrs. 1 Min.)

  Using Tabs (6 Min.)

  • Working with Tabs
  • Setting Right Align and Center Tabs
  • Creating a Dot Leader Table
  Find and Replace (13 Min.)

  • Using QuickFinder
  • Finding Text
  • Replacing Text
  • Replacing Character Attributes
  • Replacing Word Forms
  • Quick Find Next and Previous Buttons
  • Using the Browse Buttons
  • Using AutoScroll
  Indenting Paragraphs (13 Min.)

  • Basic Indents
  • Using QuickIndent
  Formatting with Styles (37 Min.)

  • Using Default Styles
  • Modifying the Initial Open Style
  • Editing the Bullets and Numbering Style
  • Creating a Style Form Scratch
  • Creating a Quick Style
  • Modifying Paragraph Styles
  • Working with Paired Auto Styles
  • Saving Styles to the Default Template
  • Chaining Two Styles
  • Working with Character Styles
  • Working with Document Styles
  • Deleting Styles
  Using Footnotes and Endnotes (10 Min.)

  • Creating Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Editing Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Changing Footnote and Endnote Options
  • Deleting Footnotes and Endnotes
  Creating a Table of Contents (6 Min.)

  • Marking Text for a Table of Contents
  • Defining Formats for a Table of Contents
  • Generating a Table of Contents
  Creating an Index (5 Min.)

  • Marking Text for an Index
  • Defining Formats for an Index
  • Generating an Index
  Using Cross-References (4 Min.)

  • Marking Text for Cross-References
  • Marking Targets & Generating Cross-References
  Using Macros (12 Min.)

  • Using Pre-defined Macros
  • Recording and Playing Back a Macro
  • Assigning a Macro to a Keystroke
  • Editing Macros
  • Deleting Macros
  Document Templates (23 Min.)

  • Using Templates
  • Editing Templates
  • Creating a Standard Template

 WordPerfect Mail Merge (1 Hr. 39 Min.)

  Mail Merge Basics (20 Min.)

  • Creating a Merge Data File
  • Creating a Merge Document
  • Merging Data with Form Letters
  • Using the Quick Data Entry Dialog Box
  • Creating Envelopes for Merge Data Files
  Mailing Labels (12 Min.)

  • Creating Label Files
  • Merging Data to Create Mailing Labels
  • Changing Label Definitions
  • Deleting Label Definitions
  Address Book (9 Min.)

  • Merging Using the Address Book
  • Troubleshooting Merging with the Address Book
  Keyboard Merges (18 Min.)

  • Creating a Form with the Keyboard Merge Command
  • Performing a Keyboard Merge Command
  • Working with User Input - The Getstring Code
  Selecting Merge Records (8 Min.)

  • Merge Only Specified Records
  • Marking Records for a Merge
  Merge Extra (6 Min.)

  • Merging into a Table
  Sorting (25 Min.)

  • Sorting Paragraphs
  • Sorting Lists of Information
  • Sorting Merge File Records
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Advanced Table Sorting
  • Sorting Parallel Column Data

 WordPerfect Desktop Publishing (2 Hrs. 7 Min.)

  Working with Graphics (28 Min.)

  • Inserting Graphics in Documents
  • Placing Borders Around Graphics
  • Placing Borders Around Text
  • Creating Page Borders
  • Inserting Watermarks in Documents
  Fancy Formatting (9 Min.)

  • Fancy fonts & Jazzy Formatting
  • Using Quick Format
  • QuickFonts
  Working with Drawing Objects (29 Min.)

  • Creating Draw Objects
  • Drawing with Corel Presentations & Editing Draw Objects
  • Changing Line Styles and Fill Patterns
  • Retrieving a Graphic
  • Grouping Objects
  • Aligning Objects
  Templates (35 Min.)

  • Using the Desktop Publishing Templates
  • Creating a Letterhead Template
  Formatting with Desktop Publishing Styles (10 Min.)

  • Applying Desktop Publishing Styles
  • Creating Custom Styles and Saving them with Templates
  • Working with Paired Auto Styles
  More Fun with Graphics (5 Min.)

  • Modifying Clipart Images
  Creating a Flyer (10 Min.)

  • Creating a Flyer Template

 WordPerfect Tables, Forms and Voice Recognition (1 Hr. 49 Min.)

  Table Basics (19 Min.)

  • Creating a Table
  • Moving and Selecting in a Table
  • Entering Data in a Table
  • Changing Column Widths & Row Heights
  • Inserting Rows and Columns into a Table
  • Joining Cells
  • Skewing Table Cells
  Creating Formulas (4 Min.)

  • Entering a Basic Formula & Quicksum
  Formatting Tables (16 Min.)

  • Basic Text Formatting
  • Rotating Text Within Cells
  • Adding Lines, Shading & Repositioning Tables
  • Using Quick Fill
  Speed Format (6 Min.)

  • Using Speed Formatting
  • Creating Your own Speed & Deleting a Speed Format Style
  Table Extras (8 Min.)

  • Deleting Columns, Rows and Tables
  • Pulling it Together: Creating a Sum/Average Table
  Additional Ways to Create a Table (11 Min.)

  • Large Tables
  • Using the Drag to Create Feature
  • Converting Text to a Table
  • Importing a Spreadsheet to a Table
  Using Forms (17 Min.)

  • Creating a Template & Using Fill-in-the-Blank Prompts
  • Using The Keyboard Merge Command
  Columns (8 Min.)

  • Using Newspaper Columns
  • Inserting Column Breaks
  • Using Parallel Columns
  Dragon Naturally Speaking (19 Min.)

  • Getting Started
  • Controlling and Positioning the Microphone
  • Correcting Recognition Errors
  • Revising Text
  • Online Help
  • Moving Through a Document
  • Dictating Text
  • Formatting Text

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CompTIA Security+
CorelDRAW 10
Crystal Reports 8
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Exchange Server 2000
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Java 2
Linux 101
Linux 102
Lotus Notes 5
MicroSoft .NET
Network+ 2002
Oracle 8iR2
Outlook 2000
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PageMaker 6.5
Paradox 8

Perl 5
PhotoDraw 2000
PhotoPaint 8
SQL Server 2000
Visio 2002
VBScript 5
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MCSE 2000
Windows XP User
WordPerfect 9
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ZenWorks 3.0



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