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In addition to our training courses we also offer free online certification exams on several topics including Microsoft Office, Computer Hardware, HTML, PC Basics and more.

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This complete training course for the Microsoft Outlook 2000 includes 3 CD-ROM's / VHS tapes and contains over 5 hours of professional quality instructor led training. Multimedia content allows you to quickly learn key concepts and the CD format lets you quickly pause and review important areas. A detailed outline of the course as well as a short introduction to the trainer are included below.

   Microsoft Outlook 2000 set of 3 (CD) $159.95
   Microsoft Outlook 2000 set of 3 (VHS) $159.95
   Shipping (US only)

About The Trainer:

Dan Balter is Chief Technology Officer for InfoTechnology Partners, Inc. and works as an independent consultant and trainer for both corporate and government clients. He has worked with several different network operating systems throughout his 18-year career. Dan takes pride in turning complex, technical topics into easy-to-understand concepts. He has extensive experience in integrating tax and accounting software with PC networks. Dan is certified as a Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE) and has held the Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) designation for several years. He specializes in local and wide area networking in addition to designing and implementing messaging and groupware solutions for large and small businesses.


 Outlook 2000 Beginning (2 Hrs. 6 Min.)

  Getting Started (24 Min.)

  • Using Outlook for the First Time: Setting Up A Profile
  • Where Outlook Stores Information: Personal Folders vs. Exchange Server
  • The Welcome Dialog and the Office Assistant
  • Getting Comfortable Working with Outlook
  • Working with the Outlook Bar
  • Using Outlook to View Drive Letters and Folders on your Computer
  • How to Create an Outlook Bar Shortcut for a Folder or a File
  • Browsing Web Sites & Using The Favorites
  • How to Get Help if you Need It
  • How to Change Your Outlook Profile
  • The Outlook Today View
  Sending & Receiving Messages (27 Min.)

  • The Outlook Messaging Window, AutoPreview & Preview Pane Features
  • How to Read and Reply to a Message
  • Sorting Messages
  • Forwarding a Message
  • Organizing your Messages Into Folders
  • How to Print a Message & Printing Options
  • Working with Address Books
  • How to Compose and Send New Messages
  • How to Delete Messages
  • Using the Office 2000 Clipboard
  The Outlook Calendar (46 Min.)

  • Working Within a Separate Calendar Window
  • Displaying your Schedule with Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Views
  • How to Create an Appointment or Event
  • How to Edit an Appointment or Event and Set Reminders
  • Copying, Moving, and Deleting an Appointment or Event
  • Scheduling Multi-day Events
  • Creating Recurring Appointments & Events
  • Turning an Email Message into an Appointment
  • Customizing the Calendar
  • Customizing the Calendar Menu & Tool Bars
  • Printing a Calendar & Setting Print Options
  • Save a Calendar as a Web Page
  • Setting Meetings & Calendar Options
  Working with Contacts (28 Min.)

  • Modifying and Creating Contacts
  • Categorizing Contacts
  • Deleting a Contact
  • Sending Contact Information via Email & Printing Contact Information
  • Manually Recording Activity Information in a Journal
  • Linking, Following up on, & Sorting Contacts
  • Having Outlook Dial the Phone to Call a Contact
  • Dragging and Dropping
  • Using Contacts with other Office 2000 Programs
  • Customizing the Contacts Menu Bar and Task Bar

 Outlook 2000 Intermediate (1 Hr. 50 Min.)

  Enhanced Messaging Techniques (36 Min.)

  • Customizing Outlook Today
  • How to Use Formatting In Your Messages
  • How to Use Microsoft Word as Your E-mail Editor
  • Working with WordMail Templates (Themes) and Custom Signatures
  • How to Re-send Messages
  • Recalling a Message
  • Working with Distribution Lists
  • Creating a Personal Address Book
  • How to Include File Attachments with Your Messages
  • How to Search for Messages and Other Items using the Find and the Advanced Find
  • Features
  Working with the Task List (22 Min.)

  • Creating & Updating One-Time Tasks
  • How to Assign Tasks to Others
  • Accepting & Declining Tasks & Keeping Track of the Progress of Tasks
  • Assign Delegate Access for Sharing Tasks
  • Creating & Updating Recurring Tasks
  • Changing Task Views
  • Organizing Tasks Through Categories
  • Creating Tasks form e-mail Messages and Calendar Appointments
  • How to Create a New Appt, Event, or E-mail Message from a Task
  • Customizing the Menu bar and Task bar
  Outlook Notes (6 Min.)

  • Creating, Editing, Deleting, Organizing, Viewing & Customizing Notes
  Using the Outlook Journal (7 Min.)

  • How to Set Custom Options & Recording Tasks for any Office File
  • Creating/Editing & Deleting Journal Entries
  Faxing with Outlook (17 Min.)

  • Installing Microsoft Fax
  • Adding & Configuring the Fax Service to you Outlook Profile
  • How to Send & Customize Faxes
  • Receiving a Fax
  Working with Newsgroups in Outlook (7 Min.)

  • Setting Up Newsreader Features
  • Sending & Receiving Newsgroup Postings
  Customizing Outlook (14 Min.)

  • Setting General Preferences prefs, sp, other
  • Customizing the Menu Bar and the Task Bar
  • Configuring Time Zone Settings

 Outlook 2000 Advanced (1 Hr. 44 Min.)

  Advanced Information Services (25 Min.)

  • Using Multiple Personal Folder Files (.pst files)
  • Working Offline with an Offline Storage File (Lost File)
  • How to Create a Quick Synchronization Group
  Advanced Messaging Features (44 Min.)

  • Using Dial-up Networking & the Remote Mail Feature
  • Using Stationery to Create HTML Messages
  • Setting Up and Using Email Signatures
  • Adding a Vcard to a Message
  • Using Public Folders Offline
  • Using the Undelete Features for Exchange Server Mailboxes
  • The Rules Wizard
  • Granting Folder Permission to Others
  • Assigning Delegates to your Inbox and Other Folders
  • Handling Junk Email Effectively
  • How to Create and Work with Office 2000 Documents
  • Mail Merge with Word
  Advanced Messaging Options (16 Min.)

  • Creating, Filtering and Working with Custom Views
  • How to Flag Specific Messages for Follow-up
  • Conducting a Vote with Messages
  • Delivery Date & Other Individual Message Options
  • Archive Mail Messages
  • Importing & Exporting Data Between Outlook and Other Email Programs
  Group Collaboration Features (18 Min.)

  • Public Folders
  • Net Folders
  • How to Use the iCalendar Feature
  • Import & Export Data Between Outlook and Other Office Programs

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