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Access 2000
Excel 2000
Word 2000
PowerPoint 2000
Access 2002
Excel 2002
Word 2002
PowerPoint 2002
Office 2000
Office XP
Windows 2000 Pro
Windows 2000 Server
Visual C++
Computer Hardware
ColdFusion 4.5
HTML 4.0

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Harness the power of Adobe® Illustrator CS2 with NCSA's video rich training course. This course will teach you to get the most out of Illustrators new, powerful interface. Learn everything from Bezier curves to path manipulation. Take advantage of the latest style and pallet tools, and begin using such new features as Live Trace, Live Paint, Control Pallet, Custom Workspaces, Enhanced Photoshop Support, and Mobile Content Creation.

   Adobe Illustrator CS2(4 CD Set) $189.00
   Shipping (US only)

Course Instructor: Harold Driver

Harold has a knack for simplifying technical information and complex concepts so that you are able to quickly understand and apply his training. His engaging personality, and technical expertise have made him one of the top-rated computer trainers anywhere. You will come away well prepared to fully utilize today’s up-to-the-minute computer technology to enhance your on-the-job effectiveness. Harold’s expertise in software programs includes Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), FinalCut Pro, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, and Front Page 2002. His career has included corporate training in a variety of computer skills and applications; computer lab training; database projects; Web site design, development and management; television production; work as a graphic designer, trainer and consultant for television networks, including CBS, NBC, TBS, TV New Zealand, and ESPN, as well as many other local television stations throughout the United States and the world; and as a Professional Speaker with National Seminars for over six years.

Course Outline

Level 1 Introduction

1.0 Why Do We Use Illustrator?
1.1 Tour Illustrator
1.2 Overview Tour
2.0 Setting up the Application
2.1 Setting Preferences
2.2 Editing Shortcut Keys
2.3 Working with Palettes
2.4 Section Summary
3.0 The Bridge - Your Launching Pad
3.1 Bridge Overview
3.2 Understanding Color Settings
3.3 Section Summary

Level 2 Introduction

1.0 Opening Existing Documents

2.0 Overview of the Tools
2.1 Basic Drawing Tools
2.2 Transform Tools
2.3 Paint Tools
2.4 Eye Dropper
2.5 Gradient Mesh
2.6 Divide Tools
2.7 View Tools
3.0 Guides, Grids and Alignment

Level 3 Introduction

1.0 Symbols
1.1 Toolbars
2.0 Layers - Too Many to Manage?
2.1 Overview of Layers and Sub Layers
2.2 Tracing Layers
3.0 Pathfinder, Masks, & Paths
3.1 Using the Pathfinder Palette
3.2 Creating Masks
3.3 Compound Paths
4.0 Rectangular and Polar Grids

5.0 Alignment Revisited

6.0 Typography
6.1 Character Palette
6.2 Kerning, Tracking, & Leading
6.3 Explain Open Type and Why We Use It
6.4 Paragraph Alignment and Spacing
6.5 Paragraph and Character Styles
6.6 Type on a Path, Vertical Type
6.7 Text: Frames, Flowing, and Importing
6.8 Using Shapes as Text Frames
7.0 Graph Objects
7.1 Create a Graphing Object
7.2 Importing a Basic Excel File
7.3 Creating and Using a Graphing Object

Level 4 Introduction

1.0 Three Dimensional Images

2.0 Live Trace

3.0 Live Paint

4.0 Photoshop Layer Support

5.0 Painting
5.1 Brush Overview and using Libraries
5.2 Create a Standard Brush
5.3 Create a Calligraphic Brush
5.4 Create a Scatter Brush
5.5 Art Brushes
5.6 Pattern Brushes
6.0 Common Filters in Illustrator
6.1 Illustrator Effects
6.2 Photoshop Effects
7.0 Saving and Printing Documents
7.1 Saving our Files
7.2 Export using PDF
7.3 Printing


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3D Studio Max
A+ 2003
Microsoft Access 2007
Acrobat 4
ActiveX and OLE
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign CS
Adobe PhotoShop CS
AutoCAD 2000
C Programming
C# Programming
Cisco CCNA
CompTIA Security+
CorelDRAW 10
Crystal Reports 8
Delphi 6

Exchange Server 2000
Flash 5
Frontpage 2000
Java 2
Linux 101
Linux 102
Lotus Notes 5
MicroSoft .NET
Network+ 2002
Oracle 8iR2
Outlook 2000
Outlook XP
PageMaker 6.5
Paradox 8

Perl 5
PhotoDraw 2000
PhotoPaint 8
SQL Server 2000
Visio 2002
VBScript 5
Visual FoxPro 6
MCSE 2000
Windows XP User
WordPerfect 9
WordPerfect 11
ZenWorks 3.0



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