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This complete training course for the PhotoPaint 8 includes 3 VHS tapes and contains over 5 hours of professional quality instructor led training. Multimedia content allows you to quickly learn key concepts and the VHS format lets you quickly pause and review important areas. A detailed outline of the course as well as a short introduction to the trainer are included below.

   PhotoPaint 8 set of 3 (VHS) $129.95
   Shipping (US only)

About The Trainer:

Foster D. Coburn III is a Corel Certified Instructor and the co-author of three Unleashed best sellers: Corel Draw 4, CorelDraw 5, and CorelDraw 6. Foster has trained over 5000 users in more than 80 seminars throughout the United States. He has also been the featured speaker at many conferences and conventions. His insights into the Corel world has found him playing a support role to Corel as a consultant on their certification process and product features. You will find Foster knowledgeable, informative and easy to learn from.

 Level 1 Video (1:51)

  The PhotoPaint Screen (9 min)

  • Overview
  • Property Bar
  Pixels (3 min)

  • Bitmap Vs Vector
  Working with Files (17 min)

  • Opening files
  Masks (7 min)

  • Mask Tools
  Applying Masks (7 min)

  • The Magic Wand Tool
  Removing Objects (9 min)

  • Using Masks
  • The Clone Tool
  Merging Images (7 min)

  • Paper Size
  • The Lasso Tool
  • Combining Images
  Changing Backgrounds (9 min)

  • Using Masks Tools
  Image Editing Tools (7 min)

  • Masking and Coloring Tools
  Adding Images (10 min)

  • Moving Objects
  • Combining Images
  • Transferring Images
  Cloning (10 min)

  • The Clone Tool
  • Cloned from Save
  Combining Group Images (8 min)

  • Masking
  • Moving Groups
  Saving Files (6 min)

  • Saving

 Level 2 Video (1:56)

  Working with Objects (11 min)

  • Layers & Objects
  • Reordering Objects
  • Lock Transparency
  • Background
  • Object Properties
  Effects with Masks (26 min)

  • Adjust Color Hue
  • Canvas
  • Brightness & Contrast Intensity
  • Zig Zag
  • Map to Object
  • Adding Highlights & Shadows
  • Lens Flare
  • Drop Shadow
  • Paint on Mask
  Working with Scanned Photographs (15 min)

  • Good Scan vs. Bad Scan
  • Level Equalization
  • Tone Curve
  • Brightness-Contrast-Intensity
  • Moire Removal
  • Unsharp Mask
  • Adjust Color Tone
  • Puzzle
  Repairing & Colorizing Photographs (18 min)

  • Desaturate
  • Clone, Blend & Smear
  • Tint Tool
  Modifying an Image (23 min)

  • CanvasPaint
  • Alchemy
  • Lighting Effects
  • Lens Flare
  • Auto F/X Edges
  Advanced Object Correction (10 min)

  • Eraser Tool
  • Smear Tool
  • Restore to Saved
  • Changing the Background
  Corel TEXTURE (13 min)

  • Texture Wizard
  • Modifying Texture Properties
  • Render to File
  • Using Textures in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

 Level 3 Video (1:41)

  Orbits & Symmetries (9 min)

  • Basics
  Image Sprayers (11 min)

  • Basics
  • Creating your Own Image Sprayer from any Floating Object
  Changing Brush Settings (9 min)

  • Tool Settings Vs the Property Bar
  • Changing Brush Size, Rotating, Flattening & Nib
  • Creating a Custom Nib
  Combining Techniques (10 min)

  • Using the Image Painter
  • Creating Reflections
  The Clip Mask (7 min)

  • Using Transparencies
  • Using a Clipping Group
  The Displace Map (11 min)

  • Creating a Displace Mask
  • Saving a Displace Mask to Disk
  • Adding a Fill, Filter 3-D Effects
  Text (11 min)

  • Stroking Text Masks
  • Modifying Text as an Object
  • Bringing Text in From Draw
  The Stitch Command (6 min)

  • Combining Two Images
  Changing PhotoPaint Options (11 min)

  • General
  • Display
  • Memory
  • Plug-in
  • Workspace
  • The Effects Menu
  • Low Res
  Help (4 min)

  • Help Topics

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