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In addition to our training courses we also offer free online certification exams on several topics including Microsoft Office, Computer Hardware, HTML, PC Basics and more.

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This complete training course for the Paradox 8 includes 4 VHS tapes and contains over 6 hours of professional quality instructor led training. Multimedia content allows you to quickly learn key concepts and the VHS format lets you quickly pause and review important areas. A detailed outline of the course as well as a short introduction to the trainer are included below.

   Paradox 8 set of 4 (VHS) $159.95
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About The Trainer:

Alison Balter is a highly experienced independent trainer and consultant, specializing in Windows applications training and development. During her seventeen years in the computer industry, she has trained and consulted with many corporations and government agencies. Since Alison founded her company in 1990, their client base has expanded to include major corporations and government agencies such as Shell Oil, the Motion Picture Editors Guild, the International Cinematographers Guild, Prudential Insurance, Transamerica Insurance, Fox Broadcasting, the United States Navy, and others. Alison's company, InfoTechnology Partners, Inc., is a Microsoft Certified Partner and Alison was one of the first professionals in the computer industry to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer. Alison is the author of over 400 internationally marketed computer training videos. She travels throughout North America giving training seminars in Visual InterDev, SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, and Visual Basic for Applications. She is also featured regularly in the National Technological University live satellite television broadcasts.

Alison is a regular contributing columnist for Access/Office/Visual Basic Advisor as well as other computer publications. She is also a regular on the Access and Visual Basic national speaker circuit. She was one of four speakers on the Visual Basic/Visual Studio World Tour, a seminar series co-sponsored by Application Developers Training Company and Microsoft.

Alison is the author of Alison Balters Mastering Access 2002 Desktop Development, Alison Balters Mastering Access 2002 Enterprise Development, Alison Balter's Mastering Access 2000 Development, Alison Balter's Mastering Access 97 Development, and Alison Balter's Mastering Access 95 Development. She is also a co-author of three other Access books published by SAMS Publishing: Essential Access 95, Access 95 Unleashed and Access 97 Unleashed. Alison's firm, InfoTechnology Partners, Inc., is available for consulting work and on-site training in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic, as well as for Windows NT/2000, Windows 9x networking, and Microsoft Exchange Server.


 Beginning (2 Hrs.)

  Getting Started (16 Min.)

  • Working with an existing database
  • Creating a database using the database expert
  Working with Table Data (18 Min.)

  • Opening an existing Table
  • Viewing Table Data
  • Editing Table Data
  • Adding New Records
  • Deleting a Record
  Customizing Table View (16 Min.)

  • Changing Column Width and Row Height
  • Modifying the Column Order
  • Modifying Column Properties
  • Working with Column Heading Properties
  • Manipulating Grid Properties
  • Freezing Column Scrolling
  • Saving Table View Properties
  • Restoring Default Table View Properties
  • Working in Form View
  Manipulating Table Data (12 Min.)

  • Searching for Data
  • Replacing Table Data
  • Filtering Table Data
  • Modifying the Order of Table Data
  Getting Help (6 Min.)

  • Using Help Features
  Creating Your Own Tables (24 Min.)

  • Using the Table Expert
  • Creating a Table Without an Expert
  • Modifying a Table Structure
  • Adding Indexes to the Table
  Query Basics (11 Min.)

  • Creating a New Query
  • Entering Simple Criteria
  • Saving and Using a Query
  • Printing a Query Result
  Form Basics (6 Min.)

  • Creating a Form Using the Form Expert
  Report Basics (10 Min.)

  • Creating a New Report
  • Using the Report Expert

 Intermediate (2 Hrs. 1 Min.)

  Managing Files (30 Min.)

  • Using the Project Viewer
  • Modifying the Working Directory
  • Working with Aliases
  • Copying, Renaming and Deleting files
  • Borrowing Table Structure
  • Removing Table Data
  • Transferring Data from Table to Table
  • Sorting Table Data
  • Exporting Data to Another File type
  • Importing Data from an External file
  Customizing the Environment (7 Min.)

  • Establishing Application Preferences
  • Manipulating Toolbars
  Advanced Table View Techniques (21 Min.)

  • Advanced Find
  • Working with Memo Fields
  • Data Entry Shortcuts
  • Formatting Numbers and Dates
  • Working with Data Dependent Properties
  Advanced Table Design Techniques (23 Min.)

  • Entering Minimum and Maximum Values
  • Selecting a Default
  • Entering a Picture Template
  • Designating a Field as Required
  • Utilizing Table Lookups
  Advanced Query Techniques (28 Min.)

  • Advanced Field Selection Techniques
  • Working with the Answer Table
  • Modifying Query Properties
  • Advanced Criteria Selection
  • Using Queries to Insert Records
  • Using a Query to change Table Data
  • Using Queries to Delete Data
  • Including Calculations in Queries
  Advanced Report Features (11 Min.)

  • Working with Mailing Labels
  • The Merge Expert

 Advanced (1 Hr. 51 Min.)

  Advanced Form Techniques (36 Min.)

  • Selecting, Moving, Resizing, and Copying Objects
  • Using the Alignment Toolbar
  • Adding Text
  • Adding Fields
  • Enhancing the Form with Boxes and Lines
  • Selecting Data with Combo Boxes
  • Modifying Object Properties
  • Adding Command Buttons
  • Designing a Multi-page Form
  Working with Multiple Tables (24 Min.)

  • Advanced Database Design
  • Establishing Referential Integrity
  • Working with Data Models
  Designing Multi-table Queries (25 Min.)

  • Linking Tables without the Data Model
  • Linking Multiple Tables with the Data Model
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Self Joins
  • Including Calculations in Multi-table Queries
  • Summarizing Data in Multi-table Queries
  Designing Multi-tables Forms (25 Min.)

  • Creating a Multi-table Form with the Expert
  • Working with a Data Model
  • Building a Multi-table Form from Scratch
  • Working with a Data Frame
  • Building a Form from a Multi-table Query

 Power Features (1 Hr. 31 Min.)

  Designing Multi-table Reports (10 Min.)

  • Creating a Multi-table Report with the Expert
  • Working with a Data Model
  Power Form Techniques (15 Min.)

  • Using the Object Explorer
  • Setting Window Properties
  • Copying a Style to the Toolbar
  • Working with Style Sheets
  Power Report Techniques (28 Min.)

  • Working with Report Objects
  • Working with Objects Properties
  • Adding Report Bands (Grouping)
  • Adding Summary Calculations
  • Moving and Deleting a Report Band
  • Removing Grid Lines
  • Inserting Page Breaks
  • Filtering Report Data
  • Page Layout and Print Options
  Putting it all Together with a Launcher (6 Min.)

  • Creating a Launcher
  Power Query Techniques (15 Min.)

  • Performing Summary Calculations
  • Applying Criteria to Summary Calculations and Sets of Records
  Working with Crosstabs (6 Min.)

  • Creating a Crosstab Query
  Object Linking and Embedding (10 Min.)

  • Embedded Objects
  • Linked Objects
  • Unbound OLE Objects

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