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In addition to our training courses we also offer free online certification exams on several topics including Microsoft Office, Computer Hardware, HTML, PC Basics and more.

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This complete training course for the Microsoft .NET includes 7 CD-ROM's / VHS tapes and contains over 10 hours of professional quality instructor led training. Multimedia content allows you to quickly learn key concepts and the CD format lets you quickly pause and review important areas. A detailed outline of the course as well as a short introduction to the trainer are included below.

   Microsoft .NET set of 7 (CD) $499.95
   Microsoft .NET set of 7 (VHS) $499.95
   Shipping (US only)

About The Trainer:

Paul is a leader in the Visual Basic industry and a Microsoft Regional Director for Southern California. Paul is a frequent speaker at Microsoft Developer Days, Microsoft Tech Ed, "MSDN Presents", Access/VBA Advisor Developer Conferences, and user groups across the country. Paul is a contributing editor to Access/VBA Advisor magazine has published "Paul Sheriff Teaches Visual Basic 6" with QUE and has a new book "ASP.NET Jumpstart" due out with co-author Ken Getz from SAMS publishing in early 2002. As you might guess Paul is the instructor for Visual Basic, SQL Server Administration; Data Warehousing, and Design & Implementation & the .NET videos. Paul has done VB since version 3 and he consistently gets rave reviews from our customers.


 Level 1

  Overview of the .NET Platform

  • Overview of .NET
  • Common Language Specification
  • Common Type System
  • .NET Applications
  • Security Services
  • Why Migrate to .NET
  • Benefits of Using.NET
  • How to Migrate
  Introduction to Visual Studio.NET

  • Overview to Visual Studio.NET
  • Project Templates
  • Getting Started with VS.NET
  • Creating a New Project
  • VS.NET Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  Introduction to Window Forms (WinForms)

  • Overview of WinForms
  • Standard WinForm Controls
  • Anchoring & Docking
  • Under the Hood
  • Displaying a WinForm

 Level 2

  What's New in VB.NET(r)

  • What's Changed?
  Introduction to the DataTable Class

  • The DataTable Class
  • Creating a DataTable
  Working with the MessageBox Class

  • Overview of the MessageBox Class
  • Using the MessageBox Class
  Multiple Document Interface (MDI) & Menus

  • Overview of MDI
  • Runtime Features of Child Forms
  • Creating Menus
  • Calling a Child Form
  • Child Menus in MDI Applications
  • Arranging Child Forms
  • Positioning Child Forms
  • Tracking Child Windows
  • Creating Pop-Up Menus
  • Manipulating Menus at Runtime
  • Unloading an MDI Application

 Level 3

  Creating Dialogue Forms

  • Creating Dialogue Box Forms
  Using the Debugger

  • Overview of Debugging
  • Invoking the Debugger
  • Useful Windows for Debugging
  • Using the Debug Class
  • Conditional Compilation
  Error Handling in VB.NET

  • Overview of Error Handling
  • Using Error Handling
  • Working with Specific Exceptions
  • Throwing Exceptions
  • Running Code Unconditionally
  • Creating Exception Classes
  Classes in VB.NET

  • Overview of Classes
  • Creating a Class
  • Creating a Method
  • Passing Data to a Constructor
  Overloading Methods

  • Overview of Overloading Methods
  • Creating an Overloaded Method
  • Overloading Sub New
  Introduction to Inheritance

  • Overview of Inheritance
  • Creating an Inherited Class
  • Overriding a Method
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interface Inheritance
  • Visual Inheritance

 Level 4

  Creating a Class Library

  • Overview of Class Libraries
  • Creating a Class Library
  • Creating a Consumer Application
  • Creating a NameSpace
  • Adding Other Classes to a DLL
  • Updating Assembly Information
  • Under the Hood
  List Box Control Basics

  • Adding Items to a List Box
  • Multi-Select List Boxes
  • Loading Objects into a List Box
  Introduction to ADO.NET

  • Overview of ADO.NET Classes
  ADO.NET Data Binding

  • Binding Data to a DataGrid
  • Creating Parameterized Query
  • Binding Data Manually

 Level 5

  ADO.NET Connection & Command Objects

  • Using the ADO.NET Connection Object
  • Using the ADO.NET Command Object
  The ADO.NET DataReader Object

  • Loading a List Box
  • A Generic ListItem Class
  • Displaying Product Info
  • Finding Values in Combo Boxes
  ADO.NET DataTables & DataSets

  • Load a ComboBox Using a DataTable Object
  • Creating a DataSet Object
  • Load a ListBox from a DataSet
  • Finding a Specific Row in the DataSet
  • Adding Rows to a DataSet
  • Updating Rows in a DataSet
  • Deleting Rows in a DataSet
  ADO.NET & Stored Procedures

  • Executing Stored Procedures
  • Updating Data Using Stored Procedures
  Introduction to XML

  • What is XML?
  • Displaying XML
  Processing XML

  • Using System.XML in VB.NET
  • XMLTextReader & XMLTextWriter
  • DataSets & XML
  • Using the StringReader Class
  COM Components from .NET

  • Migrating a VB6 COM Components
  • Using a COM Component from .NET

 Level 6

  Introduction ASP.NET

  • Overview of ASP.NET
  • Web Forms
  • Web Form Controls
  • Create a Web Form
  Create a Web Login Form

  • Create an Employee Class
  • Creating Feedback Forms
  Validation Controls

  • Overview of Validation Controls
  • Required Field Validation Control
  • Range Validation Control
  • Validation Summary Control
  • Compare Validation Control
  • Regular Expression Validation Control
  • Custom Validation Control
  Web Form Data Binding

  • Binding to a Data Grid
  • Binding to a Combo Box
  • Filling a Combo Box Manually
  • Customer & Orders
  Using the WebForm DataGrid

  • Formatting the DataGrid
  • Formatting Numeric Columns
  • Adding a Pager
  • Adding a Hyperlink

 Level 7

  Displaying Data Using the DataRepeater Control

  • How to Use the Repeater Control
  • Hooking Up the Data
  • More Advanced Repeater Features / Creating Tabular Data
  State Management in ASP.NET

  • Overview of State Management
  • Using the Session Object
  • Using Cookies
  • Using a StateBag
  • Cookieless Sessions
  • Web Farm State Management
  • Automatic SQL Server State Management
  Introduction to Web Services

  • Overview of Web Services
  Creating & Using Web Services

  • Creating a Simple Web Service
  • Consuming a Web Service from WinForms
  • Consuming a Web Service from a Web Application
  • Product Web Service

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