Fact. Recent studies have shown that certified employees in the computer industry are earning salaries averaging 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

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Bring NCSA testing to your organization today. NCSA testing services allows employers, schools, universities, and testing centers to access our exams and testing engine for assessment purposes. Signing up is quick and easy and your customized testing service can be up and running within hours. If you have already signed up and are looking for the administrator log in page go here.

Click the category below that best suits your needs. We offer low cost employee testing through our testing services for employers program. For Schools, Universities, and approved educational institutes we offer free testing. The Testing Center partnership program is for established testing centers that would like to offer our exams in their area. All of our programs allow for custom exam creation and management through our administrator control panel.

Employee Testing Employee Testing Hiring the wrong employee can cost thousands in lost productivity and over many years, our assessments help you get a clearer picture of the knowledge skills and abilities candidates bring to the table. Use our assessments during the hiring process or in combination with our OnDemand training product with your existing employees to improve productivy and workplace performance.

Employee Testing FAQ's

How do I check the validity of an NCSA certificate?
An NCSA certificate is equivalent to what level of experience?
How do I sign up for employee testing?
How do I use exam PINs?
How do I access my custom testing portal?
Where do I log in to my administrator control panel?

Educational Testing Educational Testing We offer open programs for schools, colleges, as well as universities who want to use our assessments, or create their own, as part of their technology programs. After signing up, you will be able to create and administer exams through your secure control panel as well as review scores of your students.

Educational Testing FAQ's

Where can I sign up?
How many tests are we allowed to give?
How do I log in to my administrator control panel?
Will I be able to create custom exams?
What types of questions are available for custom exams?

Testing Center Testing Center Partner Sign up as a testing center partner to offer NCSA certifications through your school or testing center. Your users will take the exams through our cobranded portal and you will be able to get bulk and group discounts on certification and training products.

Testing Services FAQ's

Who is eligible for NCSA Testing Services?
Can my testing center become a partner?

If you have already signed up and are looking for the administrator log in page go here.