Fact. Recent studies have shown that certified employees in the computer industry are earning salaries averaging 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

NCSA. Your ticket to a brighter future!

Employee Testing Services

The National Computer Science Academy (NCSA) is proud to offer our employee testing services. Sign up now and enjoy the following features and benefits.

  • Hire More Qualified Employees - Testing and comparing candidates skills in areas relevant to their position can allow you to identify more qualified candidates improving productivity and reducing costly training.
  • Certify Your Workforce - Demonstrate your professionalism while helping your employees reach their professional development goals through certification. Easily set up certification exams for your employees through the administrator control panel.
  • Build Custom Exams - Create your own job specific custom exams using true-false, mulitiple answer, and multiple choice question type. Online tools allows you to create and administer exams quickly and easily.
  • Custom Testing Portal - Users can access your testing page on our site. You control the available exams and tests are secured with PIN's so only authorized users are able to access the exams.
  • Easy Administrator Control - Setup exams, build custom exams, certify employees, review scores, and more from our simple and intuitive administrator control panel. Keep readin to learn more about the testing process.

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Customers Include:

  • Texas Education Foundation
  • Job Corps
  • Piggly Wiggly
  • Texas A&M Corpus Christi
  • Airsplat
  • Asian College of Technology
  • INOVA Federal Credit Union
  • Capital Area Career Center
  • Las Positas College
  • Many More!

Employee Testing: How It Works

  1. The designated exam administrator for your organization signs up for testing services. After verifying your application information we will begin setting up your testing center.


  2. We set you up with a custom webpage for your users (current or future employees). We also provide an administrative control panel for your administrator to set up, review, or even create custom exams.


  3. Your designated users log into your testing site and take the test or tests. Access is restricted using the customized pins your administrator created to allow your users access to the exam. The results are stored securely on our server.


  4. The administrator logs in to review scores. From there you may set up further exams, order certificates for passing users, etc.


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Employee Testing FAQ's

How do I check the validity of an NCSA certificate?

Click on the following link to check on a certificate. Type in the certificate number to view basic information about the certificate holder. Verify A Certificate

An NCSA certificate is equivalent to what level of experience?

An NCSA certificate measures the skills equivalent to six months of experience working with a program or language in a business environment. We use workplace surveys across a range of fields and try to find the general underlying themes common to most users. We incorporate these areas into three broad exam areas you see on the test.

How do I sign up for employee testing?

You can sign up here. Once signed up you will have a unique testing page on our site, access to existing exams, and the ability to create your own custom exams. You can administer these exams to your current or future employees and will be able to review and compare the scores through your Administrator Control Panel.

How do I use exam PINs?

PIN numbers are used to control access through your portal. In order to give an exam you will need to provide the tester with the PIN number for the exam they have been assigned and direct them to your testing page on our site. You can find a link and URL to your page from inside the administrative control panel. At the testing page, the user would select the exam, enter the PIN number you've provided, then enter some brief identifying information or enter their username and password if they are returning users.

How do I access my custom testing portal?

A link to your testing portal can be found by logging into your administrator control panel here. The link is listed about midway down the page in the first area. This is where you should send your users when they are ready to take their exam and is a good place to link from your site so you have easy access. The testing portal will be in the format http://www.ncsacademy.com/testing/yourbusinesshere

Where do I log in to my administrator control panel?

You can log in at https://www.ncsacademy.com/testingservices/adminlogin.cfm There will also be a link provided from your testing portal page.