Fact. Recent studies have shown that certified employees in the computer industry are earning salaries averaging 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

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CP-400 HTML 4.0

Test your skills out on HTML 4.0 with the NCSA online certification exam CP400. Exam questions are multiple choice and come from three different categories which are shown in the box below along with the approximate percentage of questions from each category.

   Category Percentage
   Basic HTNL Structures 40%
   CSS / Advanced Concepts 30%
   Code Comprehension 30%

Questions are designed to meet the criteria established for individuals with six months experience programming with HTML. Your scores will be available as soon as you complete the exam. Online certification exams are available for free by clicking the test now button above.

Why get HTML certified?

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the language of the world wide web. A strong basis in HTML will provide a foundation for any webmaster, web designer, or anyone who could be responsible for a website. An HTML certification from NCSA demonstrates to employers that you have acquired a level of knowledge equivalent to six months experience with the language. In addition to its stand alone benefits, the HTML certification is a prerequisite to the NCSA Webmaster Certification.

What do I need to study?

The best way to prepare for your HTML Certification is to simply start writing pages and creating websites. While you are working on your sites you will pick on the basic structure and common tags used in the language. It is also important that you learn to use CSS in addition to the traditional tags to markup your page. To a beginner Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) may appear to be redundant as they allow you to perform similar tasks to the basic tags. As you progress in your knowledge you will begin to understand the true power and flexibility enabled by using styles.

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