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     Ryan P.


    Collinsville, TX


    United States



Ryan is currently attending Texas Tech University for his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science.

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Course Date Completed Cert. Number
Microsoft Access 2000   3-Jun-02  684 
HTML 4.0   29-Jan-03  133380 
Computer Hardware Technician   28-Feb-03  165699 
ColdFusion 4.5   28-Feb-03  165870 
Microsoft Office 2000   14-Apr-03  211527 
Windows XP Professional   09-May-06  1444266 

Exam Score Chart

Microsoft Office Word 2007   26-Nov-08  2221290 

Exam Score Chart

Office Excel 2007 (Master)  22-Mar-09  2342358 

Exam Score Chart

NCSA Webmaster (Master)  28-May-09  2428029 
SQL (Master)  17-Apr-10  2987199 
Windows 7   19-May-10  3027897 
C# Programming   19-Sep-10  3230532 
Adobe PhotoShop CS4 (Master)  26-Sep-10  3242160 
Unix Operating System   10-Dec-10  3323043 
Oracle 11g   20-Jan-11  3376395 
Linux Ubuntu   20-Jan-11  3376566 
Java SE 6 (Master)  07-Feb-11  3412989 
Computer Hardware Technician 2011 (Master)  13-Feb-11  3421710 
Adobe Flash CS5   27-Feb-11  3444624 

Exam Score Chart

SharePoint Server 2010 (Master)  13-Mar-11  3467880 
Mac OS X   25-Mar-11  3484809 
Publisher 2010   19-Apr-11  3519180 
XML (Master)  11-Mar-12  3868362 
Microsoft Visio 2010   19-Apr-12  3934197 
Computer Security Technician (Master)  30-Apr-12  3950784 

Exam Score Chart

CSS   14-May-12  3973698 
Microsoft Word 2000   05-Jun-12  4004307 
Microsoft Excel 2000   05-Jun-12  4004478 
Perl 5   25-Jul-12  4079205 

Exam Score Chart

HTML 5   27-Feb-13  4245075 
Ruby on Rails   10-Apr-13  4281156 
Windows 8   24-Jun-13  4340835 
Word 2016 (Master)  08-May-16  4860675 

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