Fact. Recent studies have shown that certified employees in the computer industry are earning salaries averaging 25% higher than their non-certified counterparts.

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CN-376 Computer Networking Technician

Test your skills out as a Computer Networking Technician with the NCSA online certification exam CN376. Exam questions are multiple choice and come from three different categories which are shown in the box below along with the approximate percentage of questions from each category.

   Category Percentage
   Hardware 30%
   Software 35%
   Theory / Concepts 35%

Questions are designed to meet the criteria established for individuals with six months experience working as a Networking Technician. Your scores will be available as soon as you complete the exam. Online certification exams are available for free by clicking the test now button above.

Why get certified as a Computer Networking Technician?

Networks and the internet are becoming an integral part of modern society. The demand for skilled technicians with a firm grasp of the hardware and software components than make up today's networks is rising sharply. A Computer Networking Technician certification from NCSA lets people know that you have the knowledge skills and abilities to work with these systems.

What do I need to study?

We believe in the importance of real world experience in addition to education and certifications. Nothing can replace hands on experience working with networks. If you plan on being a successful Computer Networking Technician it would benefit you greatly to spend as much time working with and setting up networks, even if it's only your home network. In addition, you will need to learn the basics of TCP/IP and do some reading on basic Networking concepts so that you can put a name to the ideas you've seen in practice.

Prerequisites for the Computer Networking Tech. Certification


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