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CS-547 Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Certification

Test your skills out on Adobe PhotoShop with the NCSA online certification exam CS-547 Adobe PhotoShop CS4. PhotoShop CS4 is one of the most popular graphics editing programs in use today in a wide variety of applications. Proficiency demonstrated by taking and passing our exam shows potential employers that you are competent and familiar with the key components of the PhotoShop and will be comfortable using PhotoShop CS4 in the workplace.

The exam will cover the basic tools and features of the program, some more advanced concepts and techniques, as well as layout and usage of the interface. This program is appropriate for those seeking a job in a wide variety of fields requiring graphic design from web designer to graphic artist. Exam questions are multiple choice and come from three different categories which are shown in the box below along with the approximate percentage of questions from each category.

   Category Percentage
   PhotoShop CS4 Basics 40%
   Advanced Concepts 30%
   Efficiency / Usage 30%

Questions are designed to meet the criteria established for individuals with six months experience using the software. Your scores will be available as soon as you complete the exam. Online certification exams are available for free by clicking the test now button above.

Why get certified on Adobe PhotoShop CS4?

Photoshop is the industry standard photo and image editing software in the workplace today. A PhotoShop certification from NCSA demonstrates to employers that you take a serious interest documenting your abilities and have acquired a level of knowledge equivalent to six months experience with the software.

What do I need to study?

Our certifications are designed with practical use in mind. The most effective way to learn how to use PhotoShop is to simply start using it and gain experience creating and editing images. As you perform different image editing tasks you will become familiar with the PhotoShop user interface and many basic features that will be covered in the exam. In a business environment there is a focus on speed and efficiency so it is important that you learn any available tips and shortcuts that may help you along the way.

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