Learn JavaScript: Top 5 Free Tutorials

2012 October 22

Whether it's validating user created form input, communicating to the server with AJAX,  or creating dynamic page features JavaScript is one of the core languages used on the internet today. This client side script works on all major browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. For those interested in web development there are a wide variety of free resources available online that will teach you JavaScript. We'll show you the best five resources we've found starting from the most basic to the more advanced options as well as some additional resources for further learning you may be interested in and some great places to get working scripts (why reinvent the wheel?). With no further ado:


1) Mozilla Developer Network JavaScript Guide The Mozilla Developer Network is an excellent free resource that takes you from the basics: variables, expressions, and operators through objects, inheritance, and liveconnect. This should be in every JavaScript developers bookmarks.


Mozilla Developer Network Javascript Guide


2) W3Schools W3Schools is another great beginner resource. In addition to all the basic information the site allows you to 'try in now' by coding in boxes on the screen and seeing your work in action... a quick and handy tool when you're trying to grasp the concepts initially.




3) Google: Html, CSS, and JavaScript from the Ground Up. This series of videos is a great introduction to JavaScript as well as HTML and CSS. The information is quality but does not cover all the features of the language.



4) JavaScript.info Another resource that takes you from the beginning of JavaScript. The tutorial is adapted from a more complete Russion version, but the information is still good with nice examples in a good order and format.




5) Crockford on JavaScript Once you're done learning the basics at the above resources you may want to tackle some more advanced topics. Douglas Crockford, Javascript architect for Yahoo, has posted these videos and trascripts covering advanced JavaScript topics and the future of the language. 



Looking for more? Here are some other resources.


The JavaScript Source - Working JavaScript code resource

NCSA JavaScript Tutorial - Our own introductory JavaScript tutorial.

Webteacher - JavaScript tutorial for the nonprogrammer.

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