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    William Miles


    Lansing, MI


    United States



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Course Date Completed Cert. Number
PC Basics (Master)  09-Jun-12  4015251 

Exam Score Chart

Computer Hardware Technician   09-Jun-12  4015422 
Microsoft Office Word 2007 (Master)  09-Jun-12  4015593 
HTML 4.0 (Master)  09-Jun-12  4015764 
Computer Hardware Technician 2011   09-Jun-12  4017303 
Windows Server 2008   09-Jun-12  4017474 
TCP/IP   09-Jun-12  4017645 
Windows 7   09-Jun-12  4017987 
Computer Security Technician   09-Jun-12  4018329 
Windows XP Professional   22-Jun-12  4043637 
Computer Networking Technician   22-Jun-12  4043808 

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